Transforming Manufacturing Beyond Limits

Blue Ridge Automation, Inc.

Who We Are

Transforming Manufacturing Beyond Limits

Established in 2011, as a one-man operation, Blue Ridge has grown over the last decade into a dynamic team of engineers who have had the opportunity to contribute to the ever-changing landscape of industrial automation. We pride ourselves on living out our core values at all levels of the company, allowing us to not only meet customer expectations but exceed them. We believe this underlying approach is the key to transforming manufacturing beyond limits.

What We Do

System Integration – Industrial Design – Factory Business Integration
We love a challenge! Whether it’s programming an HMI, providing support, troubleshooting, installing a new line, or designing a process; we are up for the challenge and ready to assist you in making your factory as efficient as possible. When you partner with Blue Ridge, you’ll have access to the industry’s leaders in creativity and problem-solving.

We are transforming manufacturing beyond limits.

What We Have Done

Our recent projects
  • Low-Code Custom Batching Solution (LAP)
  • PLC5 to PlantPAX (>3,000 IO Points)
  • Multiple PLC5 conversions to the latest ControlLogix platform.
  • Entire Production Line Move (Integration, Support, and Project Management)
  • New Production Line (Integration and Support)
  • Highly Flexible Clean-In-Place Plant (Design, Integration and Support)
  • Plantwide Automation Support
  • Obsolescence Road Mapping and Design
  • Digital Transformation of Quality Assurance Data
  • Data Acquisition for Real Time Preventative Maintenance
  • Entire Line Downtime Analysis to the IO Device Level

Our Core Values

The opposite of procrastination is automation


We stay engaged with each other as a strong team


We take responsibility by holding each other accountable


We persevere until satisfied with results


We adhere to the highest standards


We push ourselves to find the best, not easiest, path


We look to the future needs of our customer

Our Team

Meet the Team! This team of engineers has a diverse background in all things industrial automation. While several have come up through our ranks as interns and are now running projects on their own. Our team has worked through the most basic procedures to the more complex.

Let’s go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday

Steve Jobs

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